Channel Intelligence

The problem with the Channel information

The huge amount of information coming from your Distribution Channel and the difficulty to process it imply a series of disadvantages that affect the final results.

  • You do not have a global vision of the sales through the channel
  • Preparing a report is arduous due to the amount of files
  • Possible mistakes can be made while manually managing the data
  • It is very difficult to compare the sell-in, sell-through and sell-out data
  • You cannot know the margins of your distribution channel

The solution: Channel intelligence

Stramina allows you to understand the state of your distribution channel in a global way, giving facilities so that you can adapt your commercial strategy.

  • Detecting business opportunities
  • Focusing on what is important: To analyze the data
  • Avoiding stockouts
  • Sales rankings at a glance: By chain, by store, by product…
  • Calculating the Marketing actions and MDF ROI
  • Knowing the commercial costs by client/store
  • Monitoring the consecution of your objectives by client and by sales rep


Working with Stramina, easy and fast

Only 5 steps to enjoy the possibilities of Stramina.

  1. Briefing: first contact with the information of your company, distribution channel, clients, objectives, available information…
  2. Analysis of the information: study of the data and of the most suitable formats and reports planning
  3. Configuration: implementation of databases and of the users’ access per role
  4. Production: upload and publication of the information in a secure server
  5. Put into operation and training: training for users and advices for the use.

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